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Google offers excellent (free) applications to both business and private parties. These applications run over the internet and the great advantage is that they are available everywhere (including data). Whether you're at home, on holiday or with your mobile phone attending a soccer game: you can access your data. The most obvious application is Gmail, but there are many other Google products, check here.
On this page the main Google applications are discussed.

Start with Google
Gmail (including Contacts, Text -, Voice - and Video Chat)
Although most Google products work with all Email addresses, itís advisable to set up a Gmail address. You do not have to work with this Gmail address anyhow, but most people who started to use Gmail donít want anything else anymore. Frans-Peter can assist with transferring old mailfiles (outlook) if necessary.
In addition to Email (with your Gmail address), you can use Gmail also for:
- email with your current email address(es), also mobile;
- maintaining data of your contacts;
- text -, voice - and video chat with your online contacts.

Organize and Share with Google
By using Gmail you may already have noticed that you can send people an invitation to an event. This event comes into your calendar, just like at the people you invite.
Google Calendar offers everything you would expect of an agenda. You can create categories and group your calendar items to this classification, with which you can give each category a different color. But the real strength of this application is with the fact that you can share calendars and connect (public) agendas of others to your own agenda. This way you can add the public holiday calendar to your own calendar. There is a growing number of public calendars. Many sports clubs put the competition schedule in a Google Calendar like that. You yourself can, for example, share the birthdays of your household with the rest of the family. The possibilities are endless.
With this application you can share all kinds of documents with your contacts and they with you. This can be very practical for project teams and clubs of friends for example.
Picasa is the photo application of Google. With Picasa you can organize, edit and share your photos through complete photo albums or diashows for example.
What Picasa is for photo's, is YouTube for videos. Publishing and sharing videos is easier than you think. Just do it!

Your website and Google
Who doesn't know the first thing about building a website, can easily construct a standard site oneself with this application. If necessary, you can even decide who may watch and who may not. Through the website you can work on a project with a team for example, or maintain contact with distant relatives.
When you have a website, of course you want to know if it is well visited. Analytics provides extensive information about visitors to your website and more. With this information you can determine trends, with which, for example, you can alter your Adwords campaigns to score better results (ROI). Frans-Peter has a Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ).
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
To get more visitors to your website, first of all you can optimize your website for search engines. Briefly considered, it means that you have to use the following so-called META tags optimal:
- Title (unique sentence up to 100 characters)
- Description (page description up to 150 characters)
- Keywords (keywords from text up to 380 characters)
In addition, for some sites it is necessary to create a sitemap and to offer it to Google, because Google itself sometimes can't find all pages of your site.
Furthermore, you can increase the Google ranking by getting links from others to your website. Therefore it is especially important to make interesting web pages.
AdWords (SEA)
Another way to attract more visitors to your website is advertising on Google. This is already possible from EUR 1 a day and can be switched on or off any moment.
Allows you to earn money with your website through Google with (relevant) ads on your site.
With this "social network" application even more people can find your site. FriendConnect also provides tools for members of your website and review and rate abilities on your pages.
Use this famous free maps application to show your physical location on your site, or have visitors indicate where they have done something for example.
If your website has an online store, this Google 'module' offers possibilities to let your customers pay through Google. Of course you can also shop and pay using Google Checkout yourself.

Handy with Google
It is possible to let Google translate texts or complete web pages. This is not always optimal and/or without errors yet, but it is a nice step when for example you have much text to translate or come across a chinese website while surfing.
With iGoogle, you can rig your own Google homepage. You can choose from many elements, such as news, weather, stock prices and of course all Google products like Gmail.